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Large bulge or lump between vagina and anus A large hernia-like bulge or lump in the perineum region is known as a rectocele or posterior vaginal prolapse. The bulge can occur in .

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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum or anus, and cause pain, itching, bleeding, and irritation. Anal fissure An anal fissure, a tear in the anal tissue, causes .

A bulge near the opening of the vagina or have a pressure sensation in their pelvic region and or lower abdomen. As POP worsens, you may notice: A bulging, pressure or heavy sensation in the vagina that worsens by the end of the day or during bowel movements. painful and soft lump/bulge near my anus It is very soft when i touch it like a bubble located at left side of my anus so basically i am sitting on my right bum for the past day. Plz help, i don't know what it is and want to know whether it will go away on its own.I am also uploading a picture of how it looks. Thankyou for your suggestions.
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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum or anus, and cause pain, itching, bleeding, and irritation. Pilonidal cyst. A pilonidal cyst forms under the skin at the tailbone, and usually contains skin debris and hair. Anal abscess. An anal abscess is a collection of pus around the anal are and can cause pain or swelling around the anus. Rectal.

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Rectocele Expanded Information A rectocele is a herniation (bulge) of the front wall of the rectum into the back wall of the vagina. The tissue between the rectum and the vagina is known as the rectovaginal septum and this structure can become thin and weak over time, resulting in a rectocele. Rectal prolapse is when the rectum -- the bottom part of your large intestine -- drops down towards or outside your anus. While that may sound frightening, it is typically not considered a medical.

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Jun 22, · there is a bump near my anus and it hurts a lot!! i havent told my parents and doctors about this [i am scared] i hav been inspecting it o_o' i tend to ''touch'' it and it feels hard and it really hurts. this has been happening for 2 days [ my periods has just ended ] the size is like the size of a penny. An abscess is a cavity filled with pus. This usually results from a blockage of the anal glands located just inside the anus. A fistula is a connection or tunnel between the anal gland and the buttocks, usually very close to the anal opening. An anal fistula is almost always the result of an anal abscess.

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Pain in the anus. Sometimes people get a swollen, red, painful lump next to the anus. It is filled with pus and is a kind of abscess. An abscess can lead to a hole between the anus and the skin and should be drained right away. Drain it as close to the opening of the anus as possible. Rectal prolapse is a medical condition in which the rectum starts to push through the anus. The rectum is that last part of your large intestine, and the anus is the opening through which stool.
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Most women experience symptoms of bulge or pressure sensation in the pelvis. Rectal Prolapse Like the vagina and uterus, ligaments, and muscles securely attach the rectum to the pelvis. Infrequently, the supporting structures stretch or detach from the rectal wall and the rectum falls out through the anus. Anal cancer occurs in the anus, which is the end of the large intestine, below the rectum. The anus and the rectum are often confused for each other. Consult your doctor if you feel a lump in this area, and/or other symptoms including bleeding from the area, pain or pressure in the area, itching or discharge, and/or irregular bowel habits.

Bulge at opening of anus
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